Drop: A course drop is allowed through the fifth business day of the term or through the first business day after the first scheduled class meeting, whichever is later. A dropped course does not appear on your transcript and does not impact academic standing. Tuition and fee charges are reversed/refunded for a course that is dropped.

Withdraw: A course withdraw is allowed after the add/drop period has ended and through approximately 80% of the term/course. (For the Spring 2020 semester, withdrawals are allowed through approximately 90% of the term/course) A withdraw is recorded on your transcript as a W and does impact academic standing.

Total Withdraw: Tuition and fee refunds are issued only for a total withdraw within the refund period (see schedule below). A total withdraw is a withdraw from all courses for the term. No refunds are issued for partial withdraws.

Last date to withdraw from a course is specific to each individual course. View the course description in eServices for details.

  • Withdrawing can affect academic standing and financial aid eligibility. If you have questions on how withdrawing from class will affect your standing, please contact your academic advisor.

Instructions for: Drop/Withdraw from a Class(es)

  • Go to eServices and enter your StarID and Password.
  • Select “Courses and Registration” and select “View/Modify Schedule.”
  • Press the "x" button next to the course you want to drop or withdraw from.
  • Verify that you want to drop or withdraw by entering your password, then select “Drop/Withdraw.
  • See NHCC Calendar for Total Withdraw Refund dates.