Due to growing concern regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) North Hennepin Community College has provided resources to help faculty and students work from home in the event of illness and possible closure. This page contains guidance and resources to help you modify your teaching to work in the learning management system while achieving your planned learning objectives. As you anticipate course changes, consider the impact of the circumstances and identify your priorities, such as lectures, structuring discussion opportunities or group work, and collecting assignments.

Minnesota State Academic Continuity Resources

A team of staff members from Minnesota State are providing support to assist any faculty who are working to develop alternate delivery modes using academic technologies. Go to the Academic Continuity Resources site for information and/or schedule Drop-In and One-on-One Sessions via Zoom (M - F, 9 - 11 a.m. and 1 - 3 p.m.).

D2L Brightspace Courses and Access

All NHCC spring courses are created and active in D2L Brightspace.

Login to D2L Brightspace (use your StarID and password)

Communicate Through D2L Brightspace Announcements & Email


  • Announcements is a tool available in every D2L Brightspace course to notify students of changes and information about your course. This is an easy way to reach all students in a course from within D2L Brightspace.
  • Advise students to change their notifications settings to allow any Announcements to be forwarded to their email.

Send an email to the entire class at once or email certain individuals via the Classlist in D2L Brightspace. Email is NHCC’s official means of communication with students.

Update Your D2L Brightspace Course Home Page

  •  Post an Announcement to communicate with your students, suggest that they check their notifications settings to ensure they will receive email copies.
  •  Include your contact information, including email and phone number.
  •  Consider offering office hours through Zoom.

Share Documents and Information

You can provide course material to students through D2L Brightspace. It provides a place for storing a syllabus and course materials. 

How do I...

  • Add a module
    A module is a folder-like container for content topics.
  • Add content topics
    Individual items are ‘topics’ and can be files or documents you upload (syllabus, PowerPoint files, Excel, PDFs, etc…) or links to other activities in the course.

Set up a Class Discussion

Creating a discussion in D2L Brightspace is an efficient and easy way for instructors to ask and answer questions and for students to discuss course materials. Your course can have multiple forums and topics. You must create a forum before you can create a topic.

Connect Virtually Through Zoom

In the event of self-quarantine, conduct a virtual meeting through Zoom Video Conferencing.

Login to Zoom - Click on the Sign In button and use your StarID and password.

Share Lecture Video and Screen Presentations

To record or share lecture videos or screen share presentations, you can use Zoom or D2L BrightSpace using Kaltura MediaSpace.

  •  Use Zoom to record a video session with or without your students, then post the video in your D2L course in Announcements, Discussions, and/or Email. After recording, Zoom will email you a link to the recording. Zoom offers screen sharing, and video and audio capture.
    Learn more about Zoom.
  •  Use D2L Brightspace for short, simple videos, by using the video recorder within the rich content editor in D2L Brightspace to record a video or audio message for your students. The tool is available in several areas in your course and can be used when posting an Announcement.
  • Use the Teaching with Video resources that NHCC Online Learning has provided with instruction for Kaltura MediaSpace, Zoom, how to request professional closed cations, and more. (Use your StarID and password to access this training page from off campus)

Assignments & Grading

Students can submit their assignments in the D2L Brightspace Assignments area. Instructors can create assignments and provide feedback and grades through D2L Brightspace.


Students can see their individual grades in the D2L Brightspace Grades area. Instructors can create grade categories and grade items through D2L Brightspace. (Use your StarID and password to access this training page from off campus)


Here are Accessibility Resources on items such as, requesting professional closed captions, how to make word documents accessible, and extend students testing time in D2L Brightspace.

Library Resources

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) will be accessible to NHCC students while the campus is open during campus hours. We encourage students to access all library services through our website https://www.nhcc.edu/student-resources/library. You can also receive remote research assistance via email, phone, Zoom, or the Chat Reference. Please contact the librarians to set up appointments.

Coronavirus Subject Guide - The NHCC library is here to help students, faculty and staff with their information needs.

Microsoft Office 365

Need help learning Outlook, Word, or OneDrive? The links below give you access to video training. (Use your StarID and password to access this training)

NHCC Online Teaching and Learning

The Online Teaching and Learning site has many training resources such as, using D2L Brightspace, teaching with video, accessibilty for Online Learning, and much more. (Use your StarID and password to access this training)

Star Alert

Please make sure your Star Alert cell phone and supplemental email address information is up to date in the case of emergency communications that may be necessary.


Please email the NHCC Help Desk at helpdesk@nhcc.edu or call 763-424-0957.