The purpose of the Spanish Certificate is to prepare students who wish to gain a fair command of the Spanish language and understand the culture of the Spanish speaking world. This certificate is appropriate for students who are currently employed in an area related to the use of the Spanish language. Students who complete this certificate will be able to use the language for communication with Spanish speaking colleagues or customers. Students could include the Certificate on their resume and in a portfolio, indicating a conversational level of Spanish language proficiency. The Certificate helps highlight to employers both in the U.S. and in other countries a students Spanish language ability and communication skills. This certificate is also applicable to students who are planning to pursue Spanish major or minor in a fouryear college or university.



2021 - 2022

  • Curriculum

    Program Courses
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    Course Subject: SPAN         Course Number:1030
    Course Title:Spanish and Latin American Culture      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course is an introduction to the civilization and culture of Spain and Spanish America, with particular emphasis on comparative cultures, modern trends, the ancient Indian civilizations and African-Spanish-American influences. The course is taught in English; no previous knowledge of Spanish is required.
    Spanish and Latin American CultureView-SPAN 1030n/a3
    Course Subject: SPAN         Course Number:2201
    Course Title:Intermediate Spanish I      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:5

    Course Description:This course continues the development of the multiple language skills introduced in the beginning sequence. The student is introduced to the literature and culture of Spain and Spanish America. Prerequisite: Span 1102 or equivalent recommended
    Intermediate Spanish IView-SPAN 2201n/a5
    Course Subject: SPAN         Course Number:2202
    Course Title:Intermediate Spanish II      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:5

    Course Description:This course continues the development of multiple language skills with the opportunity to improve reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension, with emphasis on developing skills in conversation and in expanding vocabulary. The student will also have a more extensive exposure to the literature and culture through readings and films.Prerequisite: Span 2201 or equivalent recommended
    Intermediate Spanish IIView-SPAN 2202n/a5
    NHCC Residency and GPA
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    4 Credits must be earned at NHCC
                                   Total Credits Required13

  • Program Outcomes

    • Develop awareness of and articulate the importance of the Hispanic cultures within a global context.
    • Demonstrate broad knowledge of the Hispanic World history and civilization, ancient to present, including knowledge of chronology and significance.
    • Apply appropriate verbal, nonverbal, listening, writing and reading skills in everyday situations.
    • Demonstrate the appropriate use of language structures for communicative purposes in everyday situations.
    • Develop constructive, organized work habits and presentation skills.
    • Be prepared to transfer to and succeed in Spanish major or minor at an upperlevel academic institution.

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    Certificates may be earned for successful completion of courses in a specialized program of study with a minimum grade point average of 2.00 (C). A certificate shall include 9 to 30 semester credits. At least onethird of the total credits required for each certificate must be completed at North Hennepin Community College.


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