This program will prepare students for supervisory and management positions in the construction industry. The curriculum combines basic fundamentals with key courses in applied management, engineering, design, and business that are required to manage complex construction projects. The certificate in Construction Management is designed to build upon the A.S. degree in Construction Management and articulate to the University of Minnesotaandrsquo;s B.A.S. in Construction Management degree and Minnesota State at Moorheadandrsquo;s B.S. in Construction Management Degree.



2021 - 2022

  • Curriculum

    Program Courses
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    Course Subject: ACCT         Course Number:2111
    Course Title:Financial Accounting      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:This course is a study of the accounting principles and concepts used to understand and develop financial statements. Topics include accruals and deferrals, revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, equities, and cash flows. The course will analyze current industry financial statements from the point of view of investors and creditors for profitability, liquidity and risk.
    Financial AccountingView-ACCT 2111n/a4
    Course Subject: BUS         Course Number:1810
    Course Title:Entrepreneurship      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:In this course you will learn the process of launching a new business venture from an original or innovative idea. The focus will be on the stages of development of the new venture including research, planning, feasibility analysis, capitalization and management. Students will learn how to use resources to start and operate a small business. BUS 1200: Principles of Management, BUS 1600: Principles of Marketing and ACCT 2111: Financial Accounting are recommended to be taken before taking Entrepreneurship.
    EntrepreneurshipView-BUS 1810n/a4
    Course Subject: BUS         Course Number:2200
    Course Title:Principles of Management      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course is an introduction to the functions of management: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. The course explores how each of the management functions are implemented to impact organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Local, national, and global environments are presented as strategic factors to be understood by contemporary managers. The importance of managing competitively and intelligently within a diverse environment is stressed. Situational cases are completed to reinforce decision-making in each of the function areas.
    Principles of ManagementView-BUS 2200n/a3
    Course Subject: BUS         Course Number:2600
    Course Title:Principles of Marketing      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course provides a market-oriented perspective to business decision-making. Students will learn how marketers provide value in satisfying customer needs and wants, determine which target markets the organization can best serve, and decide upon appropriate products, services, and programs to serve these markets. Topics include branding and product development, pricing strategies, marketing research, promotion, supply chain management, and service marketing. Current trends and developments in marketing practices are analyzed and strategic marketing ideas are implemented within an ethical framework. Courses Recommended: BUS 1100 Introduction to Business and CIS 1101 Business Computer Systems I
    Principles of MarketingView-BUS 2600n/a3
    Course Subject: CMSV         Course Number:1200
    Course Title:Construction Graphics      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:Study of graphic solutions to problems conditioned by traditional and emerging construction document standards. Students will produce construction graphics using computer-assisted processes. The principles of construction graphics are applied to the visualization, communication, and graphical analysis of problems.
    Construction GraphicsView-CMSV 1200n/a3
    Course Subject: CMSV         Course Number:1300
    Course Title:Legal Aspects of Construction      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:Students will study the basic principles of law and its impacts on the business of construction contracting. Topics will include contracts, property law, mechanics liens, drafting a bid, ethics, employment issues, wage laws and hiring practices in both a union and a non-union work setting. The focus of the course is on construction contracting businesses, their employees and customers.
    Legal Aspects of ConstructionView-CMSV 1300n/a3
    Course Subject: CMSV         Course Number:2870
    Course Title:Construction Management      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:Students in this course examine estimating, purchasing, bidding, scheduling, coordinating, expediting, and supervising work and dealing with public agencies, the design professions, suppliers, and subcontractors as these activities relate to the operation of a building contracting company.
    Construction ManagementView-CMSV 2870n/a3
    Course Subject: CMSV         Course Number:2885
    Course Title:Construction Estimating      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:4

    Course Description:This course explores the basic techniques and guidelines of estimating. The student will develop skills to prepare cost estimates considering the important aspects of material takeoffs, labor, equipment, and time. Practical, step-by-step cost estimating procedures will be applied to an actual building project.
    Construction EstimatingView-CMSV 2885n/a4
    Course Subject: CMSV         Course Number:2900
    Course Title:Construction Scheduling      Goal Areas:n/a      Credits:3

    Course Description:This course explores the basic techniques and guidelines of the critical path method (CPM), and the precedence diagramming method (PDM) scheduling. The student will develop skills to prepare construction schedules by considering the important aspects labor, equipment, and time cost scheduling. Practical step-by-step scheduling techniques will be applied to an actual construction project.
    Construction SchedulingView-CMSV 2900n/a3
    NHCC Residency and GPA
    CoursesTitlesCourse OutlinesGoal AreasCredits
    10 Credits must be earned at NHCC
                                   Total Credits Required30

  • Program Outcomes

    Develop a foundation of essential knowledge about the cultural, social, and natural worlds, and individual wellbeing.

    • Understand and utilize information that describes and prescribes the physical basis, technical specifics and sequential process of building construction
    • Formulate a consistent system of actions involving the study of the construction process and the management of that process in an organized and knowledgeable manner

    Develop intellectual and practical skills, including:

    • Develop a basic understanding of building codes and regulations
    • Understanding of construction documents system and organization
    • Be able to prepare a construction project cost estimates
    • Be able to prepare construction project schedules
    • Apply the principles of the Critical Path Method
    • Organize and schedule construction activities
    • Refine communications skills with subordinates, peers and superiors
    • Deduce essential data that is required to prepare cost estimates from construction drawings
    • Evaluate and use computer technology in estimating and scheduling

    Demonstrate personal and social responsibility, including enhance personal development in:

    • Good work attitudes, values, and habits
    • Selfconfidence
    • Responsibility
    • Better understanding of career options
    • Realistic appraisal of strengths
    • Prepare, develop, and refine individual CPM and PDM networks in classroom exercises upon an individual and team bases
    • Gain firsthand experiences associated with supervisory and/or management roles in an industrial setting
    • Refine communications skills with subordinates, peers and superiors
    • Implement, develop and/or refine skills in production, management, and personnel matters

    Integrative Learning, including:

    • Apply construction management techniques to an actual construction management project
    • Apply the principles, knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to onthejob practices and procedures in the construction industry real life situations
    • Develop and refine problemsolving techniques
    • Formulate systematic and sequential plans, monitor plans, and evaluate projects to assure that quality control goals are achieved

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  • Degree Information

    Certificates may be earned for successful completion of courses in a specialized program of study with a minimum grade point average of 2.00 (C). A certificate shall include 9 to 30 semester credits. At least onethird of the total credits required for each certificate must be completed at North Hennepin Community College.

    Developmental Courses Some students may need preparatory course(s) in Math and/or English. Courses numbered below 1000 will not apply toward a degree.

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