College Disclosures (sometimes referred to as Consumer Information, Right-to-Know, or Public Disclosure Information) is a compilation of information that students and the general public have a right-to-know about a college or university.

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Student Outcomes

North Hennepin Community College conducts assessment of student learning to improve teaching and learning and to be accountable to the communities it serves. A college culture that values ongoing assessment is the foundation for continuing improvement of the quality of higher education.

While at North Hennepin Community College, students will participate in a variety of assessment activities, both inside and outside of class. In class, students will – in addition to taking quizzes and tests – write essays and papers, make reports and presentations, create visual representations of concepts, prepare portfolios and participate in a variety of other assessment activities. Students will also learn to assess their own work and that of their peers. In addition, they will complete assessments of the courses they complete.

As a participant in the larger, college-wide community, students will take computer-based assessment tests that will assist NHCC in placing students into appropriate courses in reading, writing and mathematics and will complete surveys to assess academic support services and College programs. Students who complete certain career programs will take assessments required by national certification boards. Students will also be asked to participate in graduate follow-up surveys after they graduate.

All these assessments have a single focus – improving learning. Each instructor at the College designs his or her own learning activities and assessments, but all faculty and staff work together to help students achieve the College's educational goals:

  • Discipline knowledge and the ability to apply it
  • Life-long learning and critical thinking sills
  • Effective communication skills
  • The ability to function in complex, diverse environments