The Sustainability Committee serves as an advisory committee to the President, Executive Committee, and College-wide Steering Committee (CSC) through the Vice President of Finance and Facilities. The committee develops, reviews and evaluates plans and initiatives to inspire and engage students, employees and the community to develop a deeper understanding about sustainability and its environmental, economic, and social impact in the college community and beyond.

The Sustainability Committee Responsibilities:

  • Review and update NHCC's Sustainability Plan on an annual basis to identify emerging opportunities, determine current needs, priorities, and upcoming goals and projects.
  • Integrate environmental knowledge into all relevant disciplines.
  • Provide opportunities for students to study campus and local environmental issues.
  • Make environmental sustainability a top priority in campus land-use, transportation and building planning.
  • Actively collaborate in the annual review and update of the Master Facilities Plan
  • Reduce Campus waste.
  • Maximize energy efficiency.
  • Identify and recommend environmentally responsible purchasing practices.
  • Conduct an annual campus environmental audit.
  • Track implemented projects and initiatives against goals identified in the Sustainability Plan through the Sustainability Dashboard.